I am excited about this new show, check out the press on it!


Blumenated Parables series, mid layers.

Blumenated Parables series, mid layers.


Chalk Pastel Bonsai

Phase Rift Photos

Self indulgent, Self promotion, Selfish unselfishness selflessly!

I only have the the trial version so I can only put a few (2 hours) of our songs up, about 10% of the actual music we have, as I am obligated to inform you.


“Phase Rift”  will be open the next six weeks (June 1st – mid July 2012) at

201 South Main Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060
It is a good show spanning the last 15 years, the many phases and series’.  Check it out, will post pictures soon.
photo by Pris Sears


My Aunt Bev and Uncle Bruce’s backyard in Southern Michigan.

Some of my Hubcap Mandala’s and me, back when I had more hair and washed windows at the CRC.

This show hung at Mish Mish, downtown Blacksburg, in July of 2011.

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