My New Skype Password

I  don’t use Skype very much. When someone asked me to install it on their computer today, I had to reset my password. I have to do this because Skype makes it very hard to remember your password for their product, and they make you use your password to do anything.

First, I go to skype.com, but I can’t simply download a copy of Skype to install.







I know it says “Download Skype” but after I click the button the next page requires me to  either log in with my Skype account or fill in three screens of information, a new email address and a capcha to create a new account.




I have an account but since I can never remember my password and try to guess, I fail twice and get a lock-out message.






I then get a reset token emailed to the address they have on file. At least I can remember my email address.










After receiving the email and clicking the reset link, the real fun begins. The Skype site does helpfully say that my new password must be at least 6 characters, including 1 number and 1 letter.  So I enter a 9-character password with a couple words and letters and numbers strung together.







I continue trying different combinations of words and numbers and get the same message over and over. They’re into complexity, so I try a long phrase of words and numbers. Oops, there’s a maximum character limit they haven’t mentioned until now.





I finally give up and enter a totally random string of numbers and letters, which guarantees that the next time I need to install Skype on a computer, I will have forgotten the password and will have to start back at the beginning.

Or I can go to download.com next time and get a copy of Skype there.